Hi! I’m Red Panda, a freelance artist from the Netherlands.

My real name is Tiamo, I was born in 1997, and I don’t have any good pictures of myself.

Below I’ve written some arbitrary things about myself, as is the tradition on “about” pages.

Being an artist

My personality and goals can be summed up as: “I just want to make innovative art projects that give people enjoyment”

With neverending haste I try out new things, learn new skills, and then apply those to crazy projects.

I just want to make stuff. And then make more of it. And then even more, even better.

I’m at my best when I’ve just invented a new genre, or system, or game mechanic which I’ve never seen before.

I’m also at my best if I get to work on all my skills simultaneously. That’s why I’ve made more video games than anything else: it combines programming, design, music and writing all in a single project.

Being a Tiamo

That said, I’m not all about work, of course. I like hugging. I like pizza, and sweets, and basically anything that’s not the typical Dutch cuisine. (Potatoes? Nah. Give me some Italian pasta.)

I exercise a lot, partly due to chronic health issues, partly because it’s just the best thing to do for your body and your (creative) brain.

A consequence of exercising that much is that I also sleep a lot.

Which leaves me just enough hours each day to be extremely productive. When I work, I work. My smartphone is off. My Wi-Fi is probably off, if I don’t need it. I only check my social channels twice: morning and evening.

And now you might say: “woah, where’s the fun in your life?”

And then I say: “because I work productively, I can actually relax at the end of the day and watch a movie with my full attention! Woah!”