I'm always busy writing music for many different purposes. For example, I'm in love with acoustic singer-songwriter music, but also like to write musical theatre songs, (background) theme songs for games, and even more.

Besides writing music (which I like doing the most), I also have a small studio where I mix and produce music, although that's a relatively new skill I've acquired.

Below you'll find all subcategories related to my musical endeavours.


Within my family there was always one rule: everyone needs to pick an instrument and take lessons when they reached the age of seven. Reluctantly, little me walked into the music store and eventually chose "guitar as the instrument. Ever since that day ... I've never put down the guitar again.

In fact, I decided to teach myself how to play the piano. And the bajo. And drums. Mouth organ and cajon? Yes, absolutely necessary.

After years and years of playing other artist's songs, I decided to write my own. And since the floodgates have opened, songs have been flowing into my brain day in day out.