Timely Transports

The first true hybrid between a board game and a computer game!

Visit the official page: Timely Transports - Boardgame on Pandaqi

How does it work?

You play on a physical board, on which everyone simultaneously moves their vehicles and goods.

However, every time you move, you must start a timer on your phone. You must wait until the timer finishes before finishing the movement. And if your attention slips away for a second ... the timer runs out and you get a penalty!

I don't know why nobody else is making these kinds of games. There are so many things a smartphone can do that would be impossible in regular boardgames— I'll surely be making more of these experimental games.

Randomly Generated Boards

This game also uses randomly generated boards! If you go the website, you can generate a whole new world with just the press of a button.

Like this one:

Or, if you want to use less ink or print black-and-white:

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