About Me

Aha! You want to know more about me. Suspicious. Very suspicious.

Oh well, alright then. I'm Tiamo Pastoor, freelance artist under the name "Rode Panda".

The homepage states that I would love to help you create beautiful projects. That's actually a really good summary of my philosophy. I've been busy with art since a young age because I'm constantly looking for something beautiful. Something that's never been done before, which inspires people, and preferably even has practical use.

(And if I can get people to laugh, I give myself bonus points.)


I've always found it hard to say something about myself. How do I know which parts of my life are interesting? What's relevant to other people

For example, I was born in a province called Gelderland, but moved a lot ever since. Is that interesting? It's been a huge influence on my work and personality, as I've been in contact with many different cultures and lived in many different places.

I'm also the son of a theatre manager, which means I've spent huge chunks of my life in the theatre, watching all kinds of shows. Is that fun to know? It explains my love for the arts, theatre, and musical theatre songs.

Besides that, I've had chronic health issues for ten years now. It seems like an essential thing to know. Because of that, my life has always been very different from others. It's the reason I became a freelance artist, who spends a lot of time telling other people: "health is more important than anything!"

I think people are better defined by their actions. That's why I recommend looking through my work and reading the pages "my philosophy" and "my workflow". I think that will provide the best impression of my personality.