My philosophy

On this page I'd like to talk about how I view the world, life in general and my own work. The title "my philosophy" is quite an accurate summary, although the article below is of course a very short and incomplete description of my philosophy.

What do I want?

I regulary ask myself—as everyone does, I suppose—what do I actually want in life? What would I like to do and why?

The answer has always been: I want to leave the world a slightly better place than I found it. That's a good start, but ultimately very vague and abstract.

How can someone change the world? How can someone improve the state of society? Well, by solving current issues and preventing future issues.

Scientist or artist?

When I was young I thought I "owed it to the world" to become a scientist. I was smart enough, I had the interest in sciences, I must become a scientist. They are the ones solving problems! They will be the ones to cure cancer or save us from climate change!

I've tried. I really have, for quite a long time, by e.g. studying at a technical university. But I just wasn't cut out for science. At university, I've met tons of people who were much more skillful than me and actually had a great passion for science. More and more, I noticed my contributions to science would never amount to anything.

Instead, I felt drawn to a completely different area: the arts. I might not be able to solve climate change, but I can get the message across. I can write books to convey information in a fun and interesting way. I can write songs that help people become more kind to each other or foster a greater appreciation for nature. I can build board and computer games in which you play a simulation of the climate problem.

Practical use

That's how I want to use the arts: to solve problems and help people to improve themselves. (That might sound pretentious or arrogant, but hear me out.)

Everything I do needs to have a concrete purpose, a practical use. An ideal project of mine would: give people pleasure/a fun time, make them think about essential topics, and help them with problems in their own life.

I won't pretend to be all-knowing or that I'm in possession of the answers to everything. (If anyone ever says something along those lines, do not believe them!) You'll never see me write a story with an obvious "villain" and "hero". No, the world is much more of a gray area, where you'll only find solutions to problems by thinking about it yourself.

If as many people as possible try their best to solve problems and to improve themselves (to become the best person they could be), future problems would be solved or softened.

Areas of interest

Over the years, I've collected a list of areas in which I'm especially interested and see lots of potential for growth/improvement:

The current educational system is absolutely horrible, and the same is true for how many people (not just parents) think you should handle the upbringing of children. And that's a shame, as these two elements are absolutely essential to anyone's development and path in life.

Besides that, many people underestimate the value of health. I'm as guilty as anyone. When I was in high school, everyone kept saying "school is important! education is important! do your homework before you do anything else!" As such, I didn't pay attention to my physicsl and mental health, which gave a small health problem the opportunity to grow into huge problems that still haunt me to this day.

I want to teach people to live healthy—and why it's so important—without having to sell your soul to the devil :p

And lastly, however cliche it may sound, I love kind and nice people. People have accused me in the past of "setting standards that are too high" or "expecting other people to be absolutely perfect". That's not true. You could be the most imperfect person on earth, as long as you try your hardest and do your best to be a sweet and kind person, you're my friend. (On the other hand, you could be fun, kind, smart, handsome, a god on earth, but if you don't do your best and behave like an asshole, you're not my friend.)

I always try to do something sweet with my work. It's my weakness, but also my strength.