From a young age, I was already amazed by what computers could do. As such, I've built up ten years of experience in many different areas and languages related to computer science. Below you'll find all subcategories related to my programming work


When I was 13 years old, we visited our grandmother for a couple of days. My brother had discovered the Wi-Fi password and started playing online games. I stood behind him and watched in awe.

I wanted to be able to do that! That same night, when we came home, I kept reading tutorials and manuals on programming until deep in the night.

From that point onward, I've devoted a significant part of my life to buildnig websites and computer games. It wasn't an easy path, as I published game after game with abysmal reviews and only two downloads, but slowly I started to understand what it took to build a great game.

And now we're here. I've tried many different programs, languages, game genres and platforms, simulations, and more over the years - and I feel like I'm finally ready for the real work.