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Epic Medics

Epic Medics is a cooperative One Paper Game about fighting a sneaky virus.

One player takes the role of the virus and tries to infect a large part of the country (in secret). The other players are a group of medics trying to prevent this catastrophe!

This game was made during the global “Coronacrisis”. Partly to have something to do (and test the idea of One Paper Games even further), partly to educate people on how viruses spread and how they can be killed.

Lessons learned?

In the end, it became more realistic than planned, which also made it longer to play and explain than I wanted.

The game also lacked some variation, which gave me an idea: what if … I write a simple script on the website that gives you “events” during play?

This ended up being a really fun part of the game. It opened my eyes to the many possibilties of a “hybrid boardgame” (a boardgame + a digital component), which I explored further in all later One Paper Games.