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Finger Food

Finger Food is one of my “true” One Paper Games: you truly need just one paper and nothing else!

How? Because you play using your fingers! (And the rules are on the board itself.)

Each turn, you simply place one (unused) finger on a new square. Once everybody has used their entire hand, the game is over and you score the squares you selected.

Obviously, this isn’t as easy as it sounds: there’s a lot of interaction between squares, fingers from opponents, and rules from expansions (such as the recipe book).

A game that’s extremely easy to teach and start, while providing endless opportunities for strategy and scoring! Just print a few boards, take them with you wherever you go, and you can always instantly play a game with others.

What’s special?

This is the first boardgame played using your fingers, as far as I can tell!

Additionally, the rules are entirely on the board. Some of the squares are simply filled with a short sentence (and perhaps image) explaining how you play or how a particular square scores points. Once I figured out that this was possible (and how to do it well), I can’t see myself going back to separate rulebooks for my simpler games.

Finally, the art for this game is a mix between art generated by AI and art drawn by myself. This was partially an experiment (how can I prevent leaning on AI too much?) and partially a necessity because AI just would not understand what I want. Almost all sprites have been edited by me, with some of them entirely done by me.

The goal was, of course, to blend everything into a cohesive style that makes it hard to tell (at a glance) which ones were done by me ;)