Foldigami header


Foldigami is a unique game in every possible way.

It’s a folding game. You play using one paper (with folding lines printed on it), performing one “fold action” each turn.

It’s a truly One Paper Game. You only need one printed paper to play. You don’t even need to read a separate rules sheet (they are integrated with the board itself), or grab a pencil, or cut something with a scissor.

It’s a very quick 2-player game, which you can play multiple times using the same paper.

If you know me, you can predict how this game started. I asked myself the question: “I’ve been making One Paper Games for a while now. But they all required something extra: rules to read, pencils to write, something. Can I make a truly One Paper Game?”

Foldigami is the result. And as always, creating it taught me how to do it better, which means more true OPGs are on the way. But this is a great start, as the game has a hidden depth that you only uncover by playing the same board multiple times. And I love the origami theme and how it looks :)