Keebble domino header

Keebble: Domino

Keebble Domino is a spin-off of my fun word game Keebble. It’s actually the second one, completing the trilogy of word games.

What’s special?

I created my own “font” for this game. Why? Because dominos can be placed in any orientation, which would normally cause letters to be upside-down and oriented the wrong way all the time. It’s probably why no other word game exists that uses dominoes.

What to do? Invent a set of symbols that look like (different) letters no matter how you look at them. It’s called an ambigram: a piece of text that is still a piece of text when you mirror / rotate / reflect it.

That’s why this was the last spin-off for Keebble to get made. I had to figure out that font. I had to figure out if it could even work!

Besides that, these dominoes can be generated by my website, creating unique games for everyone. But that’s not so special anymore—I already used that in many games before this one.