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Keebble: Knickknack

Keebble Knickknack is a spin-off of my fun word game Keebble. Same easy rules inspired by Scrabble, same ideas, but now supercharged because it’s a hybrid game!

That means you play on a physical paper (like a board game), but also use my website on one device (like a phone) while playing. The device handles a lot for you, making the game much faster to setup, explain and play. It also opens new opportunities that wouldn’t be possible without a digital component.

What’s special?

Same as the original game—and a bit more.

  • Interactive Rules: I’ve refined my invention of interactive rulebooks further. It’s still barebones, but already much nicer than traditional rulebooks if you ask me.
  • Pandaqi Words: my dictionary tool that can help decide whether something is a word or not.
  • The hybrid component: it’s basically a small, free game right within the website. Without any hassle, it allows games like these to be played and enjoyed by anyone with some semblance of a smartphone and Wi-Fi.