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One Pizza the Puzzle

One Pizza the Puzzle is a One Paper Game in which you must be the first to earn 10 dollars delivering pizzas.

To do so, you’re moving couriers ( = drawing lines) through a maze-like inner city … but the lines may never cross!

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Why this project?

I create the One Paper Games to deliver an innovative, cheap and accessible alternative to the expensive large boardgames you see in stores.

A game with pizzas, in which drawing a line is your only action (according to some rules, of course), was a nice way to get people playing. It’s simple. It’s straightforward. It’s immediately visible.

Additionally, I love pizza.

What’s special?

This game can generate random game boards! Visit the page, press the button, and the computer gives you something like this:

Onepizza map

These are the most varied, beautiful, colorful game boards I’ve been able to generate thus far. Giving me some confidence to try even bigger things next time.

The game itself also turned out nicely: a simple game to teach and play, yet really challenging with all its options.