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Photomone: Digital Antists

Photomone: Digital Antists is a spin-off for my family drawing game Photomone.

What’s the difference? This one is completely digital! You play it by simply visiting the website on a smartphone or tablet. (No rules to read, nothing to print, no physical material. It’s a mix between a board game and a video game.)

This forced me to simplify the game even further, but also opened up other opportunities. For example, I was able to add some mechanics that are quite complex, because the computer could handle that—and players didn’t need to learn how they work.

What’s special?

This is the first time I’ve created a fully digital spin-off for a project that was originally a board game. It’s a very strange project: it’s completely digital, but it doesn’t feel like a video game or mobile game.

Maybe because it’s a website. Maybe because you play by drawing on your screen (just like drawing on paper in the original Photomone). In a sense, your phone becomes the board of a board game :)