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Sixpack is a fast card game. Each round, players simultaneously play a secret card. When revealed, they are dealt with using three simple rules:

  • Duplicates are removed
  • Cards are handled from low to high, and placed on the pile closest to it
  • The highest card (6) or cards that don’t fit anywhere win a pile.

Your job is to make sure you regularly win piles (and don’t have all your cards removed). Because the number of cards still in your hand is your score at the end!

What’s special?

Usually, when designing games, you spent most of the time figuring out the rules, testing it, balancing it, etcetera. This leaves little time for other parts, such as the graphic design.

This game had such simple rules—and was directly inspired by another game—that I could spend way more time on the card designs! This taught me a lot and made the final game look very colorful, professional and attractive.

It’s also probably the first time I play a game, immediately get inspired by it, and write down the rules for my own game that same evening.

Finally, it’s my most “modular” game yet. I created 15 different card types. You can mix and match them any way you want (on the website), then get a PDF to print with all the cards. Each type simply adds a “pack” to the game: numbers 1 through 6 of that specific powerup / special type.