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Split the Foody

Split the Foody is a bluffing and bidding party game, about Pearates who care nothing for the golden coins in the treasure, but care obsessively about the food!

Each round, one player reveals a new treasure (a stack of cards from the deck). All players may bid on it or play action cards to get more information.

When done, the treasure is divided among the Pearates.

  • If you played fewer cards than the treasure, everybody simply gets their share. (You played 1 card? You get 1 from the treasure.)
  • If you played more, however, it’s a Mutiny! Only the highest bid gets the whole treasure, the rest gets nothing.

As we all know, however, food can also be spoiled and cause negative points …

What’s special?

The cards use a mix of my own hand-drawn art, AI generated art, and actual photos of real-life pirate equipment. I’ve done all these things separately, but never blended in such a seamless way.

Though still very simple, this game probably has the most complex rules of all my games to date. That’s because bidding requires a few more rules (you can bid, pass, or play), and then we also have two different situations for dividing the booty (either equally, or Mutiny).

I did my best to simplify the game, but I’ve also learned—over the years—when a few extra rules are worth the extra minute of explanation.

In the end, the game received a unique but fitting look, and “fills the table” more than my other games. It’s very fun and tense once people start making more and more outrageous bids, in groups both small and large.