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Timely Transports

Timely Transports is a One Paper Game about delivering goods across a perilous jungle … in real-time.

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How does it work?

You play on a physical board, on which everyone simultaneously moves their vehicles and goods.

Every time you move, however, you start a timer on your phone. You must wait until the timer finishes before finishing the movement. And if your attention slips away for a second … the timer runs out and you get a penalty!

I don’t know why nobody else is making these kinds of games. There are so many things a smartphone can do that would be impossible in regular boardgames, and this is a prime example of it.

What’s special about this project?

Three words: randomly generated boards

If you go the website, you can click a button to generate a whole new world

Like this one: Timelytransports map1

Or, if you want to use less ink or print black-and-white: Timelytransports map2

If you get bored of your current map, you can just print a new one, which is programmed to look good and be balanced.

Again, I don’t know why nobody else is exploring this. It’s awesome!