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Unstable Universe

Unstable Universe is the first cutting game ever made! (As far as I can tell.) It’s a One Paper Game.

Any time you want to play, visit the website, generate a random board, and print it. Like this one:

Unstableuniverse board

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What’s special?

Cutting is the major element in this game.

As you try to be the first to reach the center, you may regularly perform a “cutting action”, with which you can strategically remove other players from the board.

As this is a One Paper Game, you simply print a new board every time you want to play. So yes, cutting means literally cutting into that paper. (When the game is done, you don’t need it anymore anyway.)

After many tries (and failures) I’m happy I finally made this innovative idea work! And it turned out to be a fun and interesting game.

Within a few games, this one quickly became a favourite among my test players. Because, let’s be real, how often are you allowed to cut a game board in frustration when you’re losing a game?