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Wondering Witches

Wondering Witches is a cooperative One Paper Game about discovering the mysterious recipe!

At the start of the game, a random recipe is generated. Some ingredients receive a secret number and must be placed in sequence, other ingredients are fake and must surely NOT be included in the potion.

During the game, players must cooperate, try different potions, and above all think logically to solve the puzzle.

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What’s special about this project?

Two things:

  • To play the game, you only need a single empty sheet of paper (any size will do), and fold it several times. Can’t get easier than that
  • It’s a hybrid boardgame: a mix between a physical game and a digital component

The game itself happens on paper, as players draw ingredients, grow gardens, and try potions.

But the puzzle itself … is generated by my website. And if you want to try a potion (to see the result), you only need to enter it on the website and press a button.

As the name implies, a computer is really good at computing. It can invent incredibly delicate puzzles and test complex potions within mere milliseconds, which makes this game quick, easy and varied.