I don’t work the way most people do.

Why? Because having my own workflow is the reason for my productivity and quality. (It’s why this portfolio website is already huge.)

What I can do

I have years of experience in multiple artistic fields (writing, music, design, programming), as this portfolio shows.

This means I can help with any part of your project that overlaps these fields.

But it also means I like overseeing multiple aspects and finding the unusual connections between these areas.

Instead of focusing on one thing only (such as programming), I focus on how everything comes together (such as the relationship between a the code of a website and its design).

I’m the typical “idea guy” with a vision, who (begrudgingly) trained himself to also be able to execute that vision.

My rates

I think it’s strange to have an hourly wage, or requirements, or anything of the sort set in stone.

Each project is different. The scale, the work, the people, the challenges — it’s always different.

(As the old saying goes: “ask a programmer to estimate when a feature is complete … and they will be wrong”)

As such, the best thing to do is send me a detailed offer, and we can work out the details together.

Nevertheless, these are some general thoughts:

  • If it’s a one-time task, I’ll probably ask a one-time figure.
  • If it’s a bigger ongoing project, especially without clear end date, I’ll ask hourly wages.
  • I’m not working for “exposure” or “promises”

My philosophy

The best work comes from:

  • Trying out everything that comes up and experimenting with it
  • Having the patience to wait until this yields creative, unique, and strong results

Even after many completed games, I still can’t predict the future. If you try to go somewhere in a straight line, as fast as you can, the project will become bad and unoriginal.

So I take my time. I try things that might seem “silly” beforehand. I solve problems by going outdoors, exercising , getting a good night’s sleep, and tackling it again two days later.