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El Troubadour

Official page: https://eltroubadour.com/

El Troubadour (or Tiamo, El Troubadour) is my official artist name, applied to any music I make.

Once I had created a handful of albums, I wanted to take my music career more seriously and provide a cozy home for all my work.

That’s why I created a special website for my music. (Visit the official page.)

What’s special?

I realized (only later) that this is the perfect project for me. It combines all major things I do: music, programming, design, and writing.

That’s probably why I had so much fun building the website and finished/populated it very quickly.

(It also made me realize why I’m drawn to video games and have made loads of them over the years: they do this as well. They combine all these things into one project.)