A ship to something

A Ship to Something

A Ship to Something is my fifth singer-songwriter (mini) album.

With previous albums, I tried several different methods for recording, trying to find a clean sound. This mostly involved recording everything seperately, in small bits, so I reduce the chance of a mistake/wrong note and could always edit later.

The problem? This is not how I grew up making music. It doesn’t feel natural to me and you can hear that in the performances.

So for this album, I bought an extra microphone, so I could record a full live take with me singing and playing at the same time. (Two mics on the guitar for a stereo image, one mic on the voice.)

The downside? There are some notes that aren’t great, both in the vocal and the guitar. I can’t “fix” those later with this setup. (And there were issues to deal with, like background noise and interference between the mics, but that I could handle.)

The advantage? It sounds way more natural, free, easy, like how I imagined my songs would sound!

Being my first try, it’s not perfect yet, but it feels like a step in the right direction. The next step towards my own professional “sound”.

Oh yeah, the songs are also nice. Some rhythm changes, key changes, great melodies overall, really proud of it.