Dont give me up

Don't Give Me Up

Don’t Give Me Up is my fourth singer-songwriter (mini) album. It’s really a mini mini album.

Years ago, when I wanted to start recording my own music, this was the first set of songs I put together. These were my oldest songs, basically the only ones I had finished at the time. (Many song ideas start out with only a verse, or a few lines of lyrics, but nothing more.) So it became my first album.

However, it took several more years before I could actually start recording my music. By then, I’d forgotten about this album.

Until it resurfaced when I was organizing all my song demos. Looking at it I knew: this is good enough to record, but if I don’t do it now, I’ll probably never do it.

That’s how this album came to be.

Being my oldest songs, there isn’t really a theme or genre connecting them, they are really four completely different songs. The first is a very short piano hymn, the second only a single guitar and a voice, the third is a piano balled that turns into a full rock song, and the fourth is a combination of a pop song and a rap song.

Let’s just say that I learned a lot from trying to make all these different songs sound good :p