Feast your eyes on me

Feast your Eyes on Me

Feast your Eyes on Me is my third singer-songwriter (mini) album.

It contains 5 songs. Fully written, executed, recorded and mixed by me. The songs are in English and vary between beautiful ballads accompanied with a plucked guitar, and upbeat songs with trumpets and electric guitar solos.

Visit the official page for the music itself, more background, or a complete diary about the development of the album (how I did it, mistakes I made, lessons learned).

This album was, again, a step forward. After many attempts, and more than 20 recorded songs by now, I started to get a grip on how to get a professional and clean sound for (my) songs. Hopefully the next album will be even better, the one after that even better, and before you know it I can call myself a professional musician.

It’s far from perfect, but I can confidently say these are beautiful songs and the execution is more than acceptable. The title track (#5; Feast your Eyes on Me) is my biggest musical accomplishment yet and received many positive reactions, where others like the more intimite song in the middle (#3; Play this mess) the moment they heard it.