Is it too much to ask

Is it Too Much to Ask?

Is it Too Much to Ask? is my second singer-songwriter album.

All the songs were completely written, recorded and mixed by me. They are in English and heavily guitar-focused, but the general themes and melodies visit all sorts of places.

Visit the official page for the music, some background, and a more detailed diary about the development.

I applied the lessons I learned from the previous album to get a better, cleaner, more professional sound in every way possible. I also added other instruments (besides just guitar and voice) this time, as I’d learned how valuable they were and how you could use them well. (Guitars have just one distinct sound and frequency range, which means you need other instruments if you don’t want everything to sound small and the same.)

It’s still not “radio ready” (in my eyes), but more than good enough to release, and especially the second song was liked a lot by everyone that listened to it.