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A Recipe for Disaster

A Recipe for Disaster is a cooperative video game for 1–4 players on the same device, in which you try to run a bakery! (But you can only move around … and throw ingredients.)

Visit my blog to read a devlog (“what I’ve learned”) about this game.

What’s special?

This game was made as part of a (self-imposed) “one week game” challenge. I did this to force myself to keep the project small and contained, and ensure I release something fun within a week.

It turned out to be such a success that I made many more “one week games” afterwards! This game has 20 levels, each adding something new (which means it still received a surprising amount of content), and is just plain fun.

At the official page, you can also find more information — such as trailers and screenshots — how I made it, and why I gave myself this challenge.