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Hack Battle

Hack Battle is a puzzle game about cracking codes. You can play it alone, but the preferred way is to play against someone else. Hence the name “hack battle”!

A random map is generated with blocks connected by wires. Each wire starts with a certain signal (ON or OFF) and ends in the password location, where you need to guess their final value.

Obviously, the blocks change the signal along the way. Maybe they invert it: ON becomes OFF, and vice versa. Or they only output the first signal they receive. Or they output what the majority of signals is saying.

The player that can think more quickly and logically than the other, will solve the code first!

Visit my blog to read a devlog about the development of this game.

What’s special?

This was my second “weekend project”. Again, I wasn’t able to fully create it in a weekend, and had to take 4 days.

Mostly because I saw the idea had more potential than I thought. Instead of “ON/OFF”, we could make codes from numbers or shapes. Instead of playing with two, I could allow playing with 1–4, also on non-mobile devices.

This inflated the idea a bit, but I decided to allow it, as I got a set of games out of it that I quite enjoy and are differnt from anything else I’ve made :)