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I Wish You Good Hug

I Wish You Good Hug is a cooperative video game for 1–4 players on the same device, in which you try to hug as many teddy bears as possible! (By, you know, throwing them to your fellow players and hoping they land in their arms.)

Visit my blog to read a devlog (“what I’ve learned”) about this game.

What’s special?

This is a One Week Game, which is a challenge I came up with to force myself to keep projects small, finish them, and publish them within a week.

And this game showed exactly why this challenge is so good for me. Despite only having a week … this game received 30 levels, each of them introducing something new. (So a new tile, a new mechanic, a new button.)

Additionally, it’s my first game that only uses two buttons: moving and rotating. Can’t get any simpler than this. And guess what? It doesn’t impact complexity at all. I was still able to create a challenging, fun, varied game with only these inputs.

This taught me to reduce the number of buttons to learn in all my games.