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Into My Arms

Into My Arms is a cute, relaxing puzzle game for 1–2 players.

You play two lovers with a terrible curse: they may never see each other. To pass each stage, one of them must take a “leap of faith”: step backward from a height, falling into the arms of the other player.

What’s so special about this game?

The original version of this game won 11th place in a big game competition! (Notably, it won 5th place in Audio and 8th place in Innovation.)

This encouraged me to make it a finished, complete, professional game.

That might not seem remarkable, until you realize this was the first time in my career that I did so! All games before it were much smaller, unfinished, or only hobby projects.

It was also the first time I created a mobile version of the game.

Remark The title of the game comes from the beautiful song Into My Arms by Nick Cave. The text/philosophy of that song also influenced level design. (Listen to it! Now!)