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Own Goals Not Allowed

Own Goals Not Allowed is a local multiplayer game (for 1–6 players) about playing a (very) simple version of soccer … on multiple fields at the same time. And accidentally own goaling is BAD.

When you press up, for example, your character goes up in all fields. There can be 1–4 fields at any given moment, with randomly sized goals, powerups, balls, other players. So making a heroic save in one location … might just lead to a silly own goal in another.

Visit my blog to read a devlog about the development of this game.

What’s special?

This was my first “weekend project”. An idea so small and simple I could never work on it much longer, nor sell the game or do anything more with it. But still a good idea that I really wanted to make.

So I did. I ended up requiring nearly 4 days, but hey, that’s to be expected with software projects.

The game ended up much better than I could’ve wished for. Because it’s so simple, anyone can play, and I even managed to add computer players that are decent.

And when you score an own goal … in the most silly way possible … that’s just a sure recipe for laughter all around.