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The Holy Treenity

The Holy Treenity is a tiny game about nature and climate change.

It was made for the “20 Million Trees Game Jam”, in support of a global incentive looking to plant 20 million trees before the year was over. (It won the jam, but that wasn’t a real achievement, as it turned out, as all other participants had never made a game before in their life …)

What do you do?

You only have one goal: survive. To do so, you need to take into account the “holy trinity” of nature: water, oxygon/carbondioxide and heat. Has the world become too hot or too cold? Ai, you’ve lost. Not enough oxygen left to breathe? Ai, same story.

What’s special about this game?

You can play the game with 1–4 players, both with keyboard and actual gamepads. (Of course, more players means more people that need oxygen and produce carbondioxide …)

This was the first game I’d ever made with support for many players and both keyboard and controllers. A quick look at all my other projects will reveal that I love this idea of local multiplayer games and haven’t looked back ever since.

Also, though it was made in a very short time frame, the climate simulation is quite realistic. I was honestly surprised how interesting the gameplay was. On top of that, it’s nice to create a game that is fun but also brings attention to big current issues, like climate change.