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Windowsilk is a game for 1–6 players (on the same device), in which you are spiders maintaining a shared spider web.

As a challenge, I restricted myself to only two rules:

  • Bugs eat smaller bugs.
  • Bugs can get stuck in your spider web. (Stuck bugs can always be eaten, no matter their size. As they are, well, stuck.)

This resulted in a very unique game where you constantly have to move (to create the spider web and find tiny bugs to eat), but also have to avoid the bigger bugs coming for you.

Playing solo it’s very strategic and relatively relaxing (there is no time limit to winning or losing), playing with others it becomes a huge battle for control over the spider web.

Visit my blog to read a devlog (“what I’ve learned”) about this game.

What’s special?

This game was made for the GitHub Game Off Jam (2021). It’s one of the biggest game contests in the world, in which you have to make a game in less than a month, following a specific theme.

The theme was “bug”. It’s not hard to see my application of it: the game is all about being a bug and eating bugs. Furthermore, each bug also functions as a powerup, which you get when you eat it. (This simplified the game immensely and made it way better than my original idea.)

My interpretation wasn’t the most creative, but it certainly lead to a solid and professional game, which I might even sell at some point.

Once the results are in, I’ll update this page with its score!