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Windup Wizards

Windup Wizards is a puzzle game (single player) where everything in the level can be wound up and then later activated to do its action.

The goal is to make all “bad things” disappear from the level, which I gave the silly theme of “magicians trying to make bunnies disappear into their hat again”

Visit my blog to read a devlog (“what I’ve learned”) about this game.

What’s special?

This game was made for the GoGodot Jam (2). It’s a game contest specifically hosted to promote the “Godot” software, which I’ve used in my development for years now. Even though I didn’t have much time, I wanted to help them out and participate.

It was my first (published and finished) 3D project, as everything before it was made with 2D graphics. (2D is simpler than 3D, which is why I forced myself to start with that and stick with it for a while.) After all this time, I finally dared to make the switch, especially because this was a relatively simple puzzle game.

It uses a simulation to generate the puzzles. I’d already done this before (with Square Ogre), which gave me great insights how to do it better. This paid off: in the <2 weeks I had for this jam, I managed to add 60 good puzzles, and a simulation that could spit them out within seconds. (Which means the game received some 40+ extra puzzles once the jam ended.)