Jij moet het eerst zeggen header

You have to say it first

A young adult novel about death, regret, doubt, and mostly the question of what happened during those three fatal days when James and Ginty ran away together?

Based on a true story from my own youth. The sudden death of my brother left behind as many unanswered questions in real life as in the world of this novel.

This project is only available in Dutch. It’s called “Jij moet het eerst zeggen”.

What’s special?

Each chapter starts with an image that subtly gives clues.

It’s my second young adult novel, but the first one that actually has the proper length for it. (The other is called When this house floods and ended up being over 350 pages.)

Lastly, the story was originally envisioned as a musical or play. Hopefully one day I have the means to bring this version onto the stage and into the spotlight.