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Pirate Riddlebeard

Pirate Riddlebeard (Dutch: “Piraat Raadselbaard”) is an interactive children’s novel about pirates, treasure, maps, and the thin line between good and evil.

It’s a true novel. It has a written story filled with interesting characters, tense scenes, and many mysteries.

But this text is supported by a large map of the pirate world, other maps of important places, and visual decoration.

This project is only available in the Netherlands, written in Dutch.

What’s special?

The interactive part, of course!

It’s completely optional, as opposed to my earlier projects where the interactive element was essential.

While reading, hints and clues appear pointing to important locations. Sometimes they are obvious, sometimes more subtle.

If you find them and use them well, you’re able to eliminate “areas” of the map … until one area remains and you’ve discovered where that important location must be!

Additionally, I released an album with the music I wrote to accompany the story. My brain thinks in terms of music, so while I write chapters I inevitably come up with melodies, until every project of mine has its own little theme song.