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Tiamo Pastoor

This is my “author website”. It’s the home for all my writing work (published books, short stories, free fiction, reviews, everything written).

It also contains upcoming work and progress bars for them. I track my word counts anyway, and I saw other authors share this with their fans to great success, so I hopped on the bandwagon as well. You can visit the website at any time and see what books are coming up and how far along they are.

Before this moment, I abused my personal Dutch blog (which was Niet Dat het Uitmaakt) for author updates, which made a mess. After almost seven years of blogging and mixing everything on that one website—which was never designed for it—I knew I needed a huge upgrade.

And so I designed tiamopastoor.com.

The new website is English. It’s set up, right from the start, to properly display and promote all my writing activities.

Parts of its theme were lifted from the blog (which looked really nice), though large parts were changed and heavily improved. Seven years is a long time to improve your design skills.

That old blog? It’s now just a part of this bigger website. Moving and updating all the old content (which was trapped inside a WordPress installation) was quite the undertaking, but definitely worth it. The blog lives on—now without getting in the way of other goals.

Eventually, that Dutch blog will disappear. For now it stays online to keep links and referrals intact, and because there were a few things I couldn’t transfer and would like to keep for just a bit longer.