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The Book Against School

The Book Against School is a non-fiction book I wrote and (self-)published in the Netherlands.

It explains all the major shortcomings of our education system, but mostly gives tips on how to overcome those and actually make something of your life.

(Everything in the book would apply just as well to most systems of education around the world, not just the Netherlands. But that’s where I live, and Dutch is the language in which I wrote the book.)

What’s special?

It’s my biggest, best-selling book at the time of writing (September 2021). It was also my first non-fiction book (that wasn’t an assignment).

It has 160 pages and over 100 cartoons which I drew to support the text. Before making this book, I had barely drawn a cartoon in my life.

(Not only did I see it as a challenge, the fact that I learned how to draw cartoons over the course of the book is integral to the message: you don’t need school, you need to just do stuff to get better at it.)