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Round Ogre

Round Ogre is an interactive picture book and a video game. Both can be bought and played/used separetely, but they complement each other and share some ideas and content.

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What’s special?

This is the biggest game I’ve made thus far. It has ~1000 puzzles in total, although half of those are “hidden” or “secret” puzzles you can unlock.

However, this also turned out to be a bad thing. Making a game this big taught me that I should never do that again. I should keep projects small, even if they could easily be bigger. It’s better to have 100 amazing puzzles than 1000 “good” ones. I’d rather make 3 fun games in 3 months, than one huge, risky, specific one.

As such, although I’m very proud of the game and think it’s worth the price, it was mostly a big lesson learned for the future.