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The Peerful Project

The Peerful Project is a collection of multiplayer games which you play using your smartphone.

On the official page you’ll find the list of games, a proper explanation, and a devlog explaining why/how I did it.

What’s special about this project?

Well, the fact that you play with your smartphone.

This allows many players to join, without the need to buy controllers or other equipment. Just start the game on a computer, everyone whips out their smartphone, log in, and you’re playing.

It uses (rather new) technology called WebRTC to easily establish connections between any devices. This connection is so fast, that there’s no delay at all between doing something on your phone, and what happens on screen.

Remark That’s where the name comes from. This technology is “peer-to-peer”.

Why did you create this?

I’ve noticed two things:

  • There are not enough games for families or people who (can) only game sparingly. (One reason for this, is the fact that you’d need to buy loads of gamepads to play such games, and they are often quite expensive.)
  • There are not enough local multiplayer games. Where you can just sit on the couch with your friends/family and play a fun game together.

With this project I solve both issues!