Meadowmight header


Meadowmight is a deceptively cute tile-laying game about scoring the best meadows.

On your turn, you either play a new tile, or rotate an existing tile. Rotating may cause multiple meadows to suddenly be connected, which means the biggest one wins (and the smallest one loses all its Sheeple).

In the end, you score the size of each meadow you control.

That’s basically the whole game! As you see, though, this game can be highly interactive and mean. Even players who start by saying they will be “friendly” or “play it safe”, end up cutting other player’s meadows in half at the worse possible moment …

I love it.

What’s special?

Nothing, for a change!

It’s just a game that uses all the tricks and techniques I’ve learned from the previous 30 games, which made it a very simple game to teach, play, and develop.