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That's Amorphe: Pictures

That’s Amorphe: Pictures is an accessible, fun party game about drawing two things at the same time. It’s a spin-off of the successful That’s Amorphe.

On your turn, you get a random word and draw it. Then you swap drawings with your teammate. You get another secret word and must change the drawing before you towards that secret thing! But not all the way—only some amount.

Maybe you need to morph a drawing of a cat halfway into a house. Maybe a drawing of a tree needs to turn into a giraffe … by a little bit. The other players then have to guess what your secret amount was.

If I’m honest, it’s a better implementation of the original idea. Using the lessons learned from the base game, I was able to improve some rules and simplify it even further. Besides, drawing is just more intuitive for many people than coming up with words.

The devlog (“developer diary”, see link above) explains how I designed this game and the different versions through which it went.

What’s special?

All the same things as the original!

  • Material is randomly generated by the computer. (I use this while testing/developing, but visitors can easily use it as well on the home page.)
  • It’s powered by my own dictionary tool that supplies common English words.